Allergies And Clean Air

allergy sufferingAllergies are caused by being exposed to pollution of either a particulate form for example, pollen or maybe a chemical form for instance, polyvinylchloride. The effects of your exposure to a pollutant to which the body is allergic vary considerably. Hayfever with a few sneezes in the morning is a mild reaction whereas Multiple Chemical Sensitivity can totally debilitate a sufferer. So, what could be done to reduce the symptoms from these allergies? The answer is a lot.

Although this short article deals with making use of portable air purifiers, the first layer in a plan to lower allergic symptoms should be to get rid of the source of the pollution. An air purifier is typically unable to keep up with an active source. For instance, while a better home air purifier can minimize the smell and particulates from a cigar, it will not be effective while a cigar is being smoked. Surfaces and materials that might harbour the pollutant such as rugs, walls, light bulbs, drapery, and upholstery must be cleaned or eliminated from the environment. All of these things will continuously bring back the pollutant to the environment. Finally, in case there is a forced air system in the home or office the filter must be changed on a regular basis and duct cleaning should be taken into consideration in older homes and offices. Often these initial steps remove the pollutant and the allergy sufferer finds relief without the use of an air purifier.

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CRTC Finally Takes Action Against Shady Duct Cleaning Companies

CRTC Takes ActionNine companies in the Toronto GTA area have been linked to illegal telemarketing calls about duct cleaning services have been named and shamed by the CRTC. 

Ontario Duct Cleaning was also a victim of these companies using unethical marketing tactics.
Mr. Bolle from Ontario Duct Cleaning in the London area said, "Legitimate duct cleaning firms paid a heavy price too. Some of these so called duct cleaning companies pretended to be Ontario Duct Cleaning. Our offices throughout the GTA received thousands of angry calls from people demanding we stop calling them. We have never used phone soliciting as a marketing tool and we never will."

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How to Clean a Dryer Vent to Prevent Home Fires

264623 sEvery year, the lint that builds up in a dryer vent causes thousands of fires, and without the proper precautions it may happen to you. Lint is a highly flammable material and an important yearly routine for homeowners is cleaning the dryer vent to prevent home fires. In the luckiest of cases, the lint burns itself out inside the dryer, which leaves a burning smell but also causes serious damage to your appliance. However, in many less fortunate situations, the fire ends up destroying a family's home. Here are some tips on how to clean a dryer vent and prevent home fires at the same time:

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What Types of Indoor Air Pollution are Lurking in Your Home?

16499217 sAir pollution is usually associated with smog, ozone, or haze hanging in the air, mainly during the hot summer days. Yet, the inside of homes can in fact be just as polluted as the outside air. Over the recent years, indoor air pollution has become a serious issue. The number and diversity of indoor allergens and irritants has increased and grown more dangerous as people spend more time indoors. So what are the types of indoor air pollution that you should expect lurking in your home?

Dust is really a deadly combination and the main source of pollution indoors. It is like a cocktail of all the bad things you don’t want to take in. Over the years, household dust accumulates incredible amounts of allergens and chemicals. Indoor air pollution is mainly caused by household dust that can contain anything from skin cells from family members to fur and skin cells from pets, kitchen grease, carpet fibers, bacteria, dust mites, fungi, and household chemicals. As if that isn’t enough, dust also contains traces of soil, which is tracked into the home or enters in through windows and doors. However, it’s the debris from dust mites that lies behind the many powerful allergic reactions that you may have.

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Protecting Yourself from Air Duct Cleaning Scams

altAir duct cleaning is an important job that needs to be performed by experienced and certified professionals, and not by amateurs. Over the past few years, many industry professionals have reported problems with other companies or individuals posing as themselves. On the other hand, individuals and businesses have been experiencing their own share of air duct cleaning scams.

You may encounter air duct cleaning scams in different forms. More often than once, scams are difficult to recognize from the real deal. However, there are certain factors that should immediately draw your attention to the authenticity of the so-called “professionals”, and here are some tips for identifying those impostors:

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5 Benefits of Commercial Duct Cleaning for Your Condo Building

altPeople are motivated by different things when they choose to maintain their condo building’s HVAC system running at optimum levels. In most cases, they are driven by their desire to live in a safe and healthy environment and protect the health of their building’s occupants when contracting commercial duct cleaning. In addition, more and more developers and owners understand that smart maintenance decisions help prevent costly repairs and replacements. Here are 5 of the benefits of commercial duct cleaning for your condo building:

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